What is the difference between Pernod and absinthe?
Pernod originally started out as the authentic
absinthe drink,
yet since the 1920’s Pernod no longer contains
the famously potent absinthe ingredient,
wormwood (artemisa absinthium).

Absinthe has an unmistakable green pigment,
whereas Pernod, in its neat state,
is a golden yellow colour.
This green is due to the Roman Wormwood
(A pontica) and other herbs,
added in the final stages for their special colour
and flavour.

Absinthe most importantly differs in the all important addition of wormwood.
This contains bitter compounds called absinthes
(later removed in the distillation process)
and, crucially, the active ingredient A-Thujone,
so blamed for the drinks great potency.